Huge Boob Spotting

By | August 1, 2008

Victoria BeckhamWe decided to take a trip out yesterday and make the best of the rest of our week off. It was a good day, we decided to go to the zoo and let our hair down a little. Work, both the 9 to 5 slog and the online fun, have been quite busy and draining for both of us.

I resent the day job sucking everything out of us but totally love the at home job. 😉 It is more rewarding in a spiritual sense than our mundane day jobs and until the financial catches up with the sense of satisfaction we need to keep up our day jobs. 🙁

That said we have had a great week which started with a trip to the ETO show and just got better.

Alex and I are so alike, we think the same things exactly the same time quite often. We were in the mokey house and both of us caught sight of this girl at the same time. I spotted her because she had a low cut top on and was showing quite a bit of cleavage. Then I noticed the flaw…she was surgically enhanced.

This immediately turned me off. It looked like she had increased her natural cup by about 4 sizes looking at her build. The result was globular over sized boobs with a tell tale arc around them. We both turned to look at each other and acknowledged that it was a “false call”.

Both of us seem to be able to spot false chest at 100 metres, I think it is because they do not form a proper cleavage, naturals sit close to each other and false create the give away ! (exclamation mark) shape between them. They also have the arc I spoke of earlier.

Once being a size 32AA I know how tempting it is to be surgically enhanced first hand. I very nearly had a boob job myself. I’m so glad I didn’t now, I think they look so un-natural when you go up more than one or two cup sizes and in some instances comical if the surgeon has made a bad job of it or your body shape simply isn’t suitable. I’m sure some of these girls would look so much more attractive if they didn’t insert such huge implants.

Let them roll under the arms when reclining, have a natural sag and bounce when you run nothing can beat that.

A thought just occurred to me, when I was considering having implants some years ago the surgeon advised that when flying I would see them increase in size due to lower cabin pressure. I just thought…they are supposed float when in the pool as they have a lower density than breast tissue, is that right?