Filthy, Dirty, Nasty Thoughts

By | August 10, 2011

RimmingDo you ever have those bedroom moments when you just want to be so “dirty” that you can’t even describe exactly what that is.  When your mind is racing with ideas that just need to be, well…put in to action because to rethink the idea would be over thinking it.

Spontaneous, gut reaction sex is what I’m talking about.

For me sex is a delicious platter with such a varied menu that you don’t have to eat the same thing every night.  Yes, I have some favourite positions and foreplay moves, don’t we all?  But just occasionally I like to go with the flow, follow my sexual urges and instinct.

Tonight for example.  We were both happy kissing and licking, sucking and teasing but I wanted something a little more visceral, primitive with no graces.  I wanted to be dominated, hair pulled, ass spanked, made to submit.

I’m lucky in many respects with my sex life, after all I’m bisexual which leaves the doors wide open and I’m also a switch.  Which means I enjoy both being dominant and being dominated.  I have my puppy moments and my pitbull moments in short.

As Alex went down on me for the second time and his swirling tongue played upon my stiffening clitoris I wanted to dispense with the pleasantries and get down to business.  In short I wanted him inside me.

We have such an honesty between us that I told him in no uncertain words that I wanted “HIM” and he obliged rising to his knees and kneeling in front of me.  I felt his cock push against my wet cunt and within seconds he was breaking the seal.

As I stretched to accommodate him I knew he was big and most likely going to be hitting my cervix soon.  I made no bones of this (no pun intended.  Lol) and told him in no uncertain tones that he was to quote “fucking big”.  I like to vocalise my feelings in bed as I’ve mentioned before, so I will both moan & groan and narrate my feelings back to my pleasure giver.

By nature I’m I like to give narrative, be it by moan or comment but sometimes I find myself offering porn style comment which makes me think twice.  This could include the phrase “that’s so big” or other cliché comments which make me rethink for a moment.  Lol

Tonight as he fucked me deep and hard, so much so that he bounce off my cervix again I felt so kinky.  I think he picked up on this and placed his hand around the base of my neck and pushed my head in to the pillow as he took me from behind.  Fuck!  That felt good.  😉

He continued to fuck me with a renewed vigour my g-spot being massaged as I pointed my ass skyward, boobs swaying with the rhythm.  I came and told him so in a rather protracted moan.  He responded by fucking me for all he was worth and delivering a blow to my right buttock.

As my climax subsided I became aware of the tingly warming of my buttock which complemented my orgasm so well.  And he continued to fuck me, again and again until he shot his seed deep inside me and collapsed over my back.

We both sank in to the mattress as we tried to regain our breath…