Porn Overload

By | August 10, 2011

Porn AddictIt’s only when you have to do a total sweep of the house for porn, toys and other paraphernalia that you realise juts how much you possess.  Lol

We don’t tend to get many visitors to the house which is a good thing because I have to do one of these sweeps every time we do.

Tomorrow I have my extremely nosey friend coming over for lunch.  Normally I wouldn’t have to worry about secreting it in my bedroom because when the door is shut nobody usually goes in.  Not so with this friend who delights in trying to find my pussy.  Lol

Yes, she goes around the house looking for my moggy.

This time I’m going to tell her that he is out round at his girlfriends and hopefully she won’t go around the house shouting him

But just in case I’ve had to clear every room of naughty stuff.  I bet she still manages to find some.  🙂