IE7 Errors on Porn Sites

By | August 2, 2008

IE7 Sitemeter ErrorThis morning we discovered that there appeared to be a problem with some sites in the adult blogosphere. Having searched the Internet I have found that if you are getting an error when trying to open some sites that looks like the picture to the left you should follow these instructions to fix it.

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on the menu Tools -> Internet Options.
Click on the tab Security.
Click on the icon Restricted Sites.
Click on the button Sites.
Under Add this website to the zone:
Type the text * ‘ (with asterisk and dot & without the quotes).
Click the Add button. Click Close. Click OK.

This only appears to affect IE6 and 7, Firefox and Safari are unaffected.

Looks like SiteMeter have made a change to their software to cause this problem. More news if we get it.