Sex With Two Girls On A Plate

By | August 13, 2011

lesbian CropI recently mentioned that several years ago Suze said it would be OK if I slept with her best friend. That came as a bit of a surprise, a very pleasant surprise as I did find her best friend very attractive. It put me in a very interesting position.

Suze knew I wanted her best friend, I knew Suze was running the idea round in her head and probably getting turned on by the whole deal. I also knew Suze would have slept with this girl too. However neither of us ended up getting down and dirty with her. She was involved with another guy and never showed the inclination to stray with me or with Suze.

It does underline how lucky I am. I can’t imagine many other people in relationships where their partner says, out of the blue, “You can sleep with my girlfriend.”

There are a couple of blokes who I have had to concede that Suze could sleep with without me being too pissed off, if she got the chance.

Are we unique in our relationship? I don’t think so but how many of you would say the same to your partner?