Sex Addict

By | August 12, 2011

Smooth AssI was watching This Morning on ITV today when I noticed they were going to be interviewing a woman who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.  Vicki Dillon started with the illness when she was just 35 years old despite most people believing that it’s an old person’s disease.

She appeared on the programme to make people aware of the degenerative illness and to dispel the myth that only old people suffer with it.

During the short interview Vicki mentioned that the drug sufferers take to support sufferers depleted Dopamine levels can result in them becoming addicted to things such as gambling and also in some cases to sex.  That would sound heavenly to some but as she put it, imagine if you were in your senior years and found yourself having irresistible urges to go in to Anne Summers and buy lingerie.

Some cases of this behaviour have been highlighted in the paper and it’s sad that someone who is already suffering the ill effects of the disease should then have their problems added to by the drug they take.

It was an interesting interview and if you are interested in learning more about Vicki’s plight she has made a documentary about it to be shown on Channel 4 at 7.35pm this Friday, it’s called “Sex, Lies And Parkinson’s”.