By | August 12, 2011

Sarah CoxThe current Radio 1 DJ (Chris Moyles) is away doing other stuff this week and he’s been replaced my Scott Mills, who usually does the drive-time show. Are you keeping up? Well that means there is a gap in the schedules for the drive-time and that’s being more than capably filled by Sarah Cox.

If you don’t know Sarah she’s an ex-model, TV presenters, Yorkshire lass and bloody funny. As Suze described her she’s like a springer spaniel in human form daft, funny and very likeable.

So if you haven’t come across her before look her up and if you can get Radio 1 on the web check out her show.

Oh, and some of you might remember that she was on “The Girly Show” now there’s a blast from the past.

I mention her because I rather enjoy listening to her slightly bizarre commentary on her home life and world view and will miss it next week when she’s not there.

And yes I would. 😉