When You Have No Choice But To Give Him Head

By | August 13, 2011

BJ StrapI believe that good sex is an interchange between partners, in that they both contribute to the relationship.  A fair and equitable relationship where both feel at ease with each other and only participate in activities they are happy indulging in.

To keep things interesting it may be necessary to try new things every now and then and if you don’t like something then at least you have tried it and made an informed decision.  I really do believe that variety is the spice of life.

I’m all for participation, if my partner doesn’t want to indulge in my pursuit then I certainly wouldn’t force them to…well not unless they wanted me to, for example Dominatrix role play.

You are probably wondering where all this is leading to.

Take a look at the image.  It’s marketed as a bjstrap, the idea being that the male pulls on it forcing his partner to take him deep in to her mouth.  This doesn’t really sit with me very well, it suggests an element of forced coercion.

If I want to take a mans cock in to my mouth or throat even, I want to control just how much and how fast I want to devour him.  This “sex aid” could result in someone being choked or in my case having his cock bitten.  But it wouldn’t get to that because there is no way I would allow a guy to place this band around the back of my head in the first place.

The odd guiding hand on the back of the head is fine but this is more extreme.

What do you think?