Girls Who Will Swallow Anything

By | August 13, 2011

BJThere seems to be a rule amongst young adults when they first start experimenting with alcohol. The more outlandish the drink, the weirder the concoction and the brighter the colour the better.

Well it was when I was growing up. We went for all sort of mixtures and discovered to our cost that mixing your drink is good for three things. Making you drunk too fast to enjoy an evening, creating an overwhelming feeling of nausea when you’ve had too much and giving you hangovers that make you think you are about to die.

I remember drinking taboo many years ago and thinking how drinkable it was – bit of a girls’ drink. I tasted some a few years later and nearly threw up. Dreadful, dreadful stuff.

I suppose if you find a girl who likes Taboo she’s bound to give a good blowjob. If she’ll swallow that she’ll swallow anything.