Lolly Badcock Filthy Porn Queen

By | August 2, 2008

Lolly BadcockI’m sure she wouldn’t mind me saying it but Lolly Badcock is a filthy minded, fowl-mouthed, randy porn star … and hugely popular because of it. So it’s not surprising that tonight on TelevisionX (Sky channel 923) there’s a night dedicated to her.

I’m watching “Michelle B Analizing Europe 4”, which co-stars the lascivious Lolly Badcock and Angel Dark. I’ve never been to any English bars in Prague, but if this offering from TelevisionX is anything to go by the licensing laws are a little more relaxed than in the UK.

Michelle B and Angel Dark indulge Lolly with a little erotic dancing on the stage’s twin poles. Lolly being Lolly joins in with a little free-style finger fucking in her own inimitable style. No nonsense hardcore porn. LOL. Eventually the dildos appear (though I don’t remember any of the girls carrying them into the bar, perhaps they keep them next to the till) and then it really is no holds barred

If you’re looking for subtle slow paced erotica then you shouldn’t be watching any scene involving Lolly. She’s made her name for taking on the hardest of hardcode and pushing it to the edge. She’s at home with men or women and if you’ve seen any of the Lolly’s School of Rubber series on TelevisionX you’ll know she loves to pleasure a lady.

Or does she?

I was talking to Suze about this yesterday. Some porn actresses take part in girl-on-girl scenes and do it for the money. And you can tell, they can seem a little forced. Others do it because they are gay or bisexual and it comes naturally. With Lolly however I think it’s because, OK she may like girls, but I think she likes being dirty even more. The sense of hedonistic excess that emanates from her performance gives me the impression that too much is never enough for Lolly Badcock.

In a way I suppose it could be her way of sticking two fingers up to convention and saying “I’m doing something I enjoy and getting damn famous while doing it!”.

If you’d like to see Lolly enjoying herself and tonight, catch it on Sky Channel 923. Or you can scoot over to TelevisionX and watch the great collection of hardcore Lolly Badcock videos there.

Guess where I’m going now. :o)

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