Office Girls And Solo Play

By | August 3, 2008

Girl on telephoneI used to work with a guy who told me about a “friend” of his who would sneak off to the toilets for a wank if he got bored. Yes, he said a “friend”, but whether he was referring to himself or an actual friend it had not occurred to me to amuse myself in the same way.

Funnily, enough after that never looked at colleagues the same way again. When they slipped off to the loo I would wonder if they were cracking off a crafty one.

When I say colleagues it never occurred to me at the time that female colleagues might do the same. I didn’t even give it a thought. A guy can pleasure himself in very quick time, but before the invention of toys like the Berman Alethia or the Fun Factory Angelo vibrator, to name but two things wren’t quite so easy unless you were a very horny girl. Those toys are compact enough to be hidden in a small handbag, but give Suze satisfaction very quickly.

Suze does occasionally indulge herself at work, but only on her lunch. How about you girls out there, do you take some time out at work with a discrete little sex toy and release the stress of the day?

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