Oh Fuck, Yes, Yes

By | August 14, 2011

Beach GirlI just read an interesting article about female vocalisation during sexual intercourse.  Being a very openly appreciative partner makes me a quite noisy one in the bedroom.

But why do we vocalise our pleasure?

For me it gives me a way to express to my partner that what he is doing to me is arousing and gives him encouragement, feed back if you like.   Equally I like my man to let me know what I’m doing to him is working but not with some cheesy commentary such as “Oh yeh baby!” if you know what I mean.  Lol

So the best way is via moans and groans with the occasional reassuring “Yes” nothing too heavy.  If there is too much dialogue it can seem false and sometimes humorous and the last thing you want to do is laugh at your partner during sex.

The article in The Mail is interesting and suggests that women use their vocalisation to manipulate men.  I’m not sure how so if you know what they are talking about can you enlighten me.

Here is the article.