Does She Masturbate For You?

By | August 15, 2011

Female MasturbationHow do you feel about your girlfriend masturbating? Now if you’re a bloke then I know for a fact that you masturbate but I hope you realise that your partner does too.

Everyone has sexual desires and enjoys sexual release, even if it’s on their own. But coming to terms with that as a guy can be a little uncomfortable. I mean, is it that they need more than you can offer? Well actually no it isn’t, masturbation is different from sex and delivers different types of gratification. Better yet if you do it with your partner as well as on your own you can indulge your exhibitionist side and your partner’s inner voyeur.

Sex toys are probably more threatening to a man than the thought of his girlfriend rubbing one out, especially if they are of the insertable kind. They can be seen as a replacement penis and yet I prefer to look at them as an indication that your woman enjoys exploring her sexuality and sexual pleasure.

So, I’d encourage her to masturbate and if she wants to, do it while you watch from time to time, I mean, you’d do the same for her wouldn’t you?