A Lady’s Guide To The Best Brothels

By | August 3, 2008

Ass MidgetLast night we were reclining in bed after a good doggy style fuck when I turned on the television to take a few moments before waddling off to the bathroom with a wad of toilet tissue between my legs.

When an advertisement for a programme came on, we were both still enjoying the afterglow of an energetic and enjoyable fuck when they announced that the programme to be shown on this evening at 10pm on Channel Four.

It is a programme where the Hampshire Women’s Institute go on a quest to find the best brothel. They were apparently inspired to do this following the recent murder of 5 Ipswich prostitutes, in a move to decriminalise prostitution.

The programme is headed up by Nicky Taylor who encourages the women to search the globe for their idea of the perfect brothel.

From the clips it looks like it is going to be both interesting and fun to watch although the original reason for them doing this may get lost somewhere in the programmes making. I hope not.

In one of the clips there if a very prim and proper lady in an adult store holding up a package and asking “Can you give me more information on this arse midget?”. Lol

If you want to check out the latest male toy, Alex has just reviewed the Tenga Flip Hole here. Watching him shoot his load was a delight for me, he enjoyed it too. 😉

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