Sex Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere And Any Which Way Too

By | August 15, 2011

Kitchen PornI love porn in all its guises, books, magazines, DVD’s…everything really. Being bisexual also gives me the freedom to enjoy both the male and female form equally. Quite often I will pick out a girl I fancy and point them out to Alex, he’s used to it now. 😉

But there are certain things within the porn world that I just can’t get my head around. Pool tables for example, why is fucking on a pool table so “sexy”? It must be very uncomfortable being fucked on the hard slate base, whilst the base rubs and burns your back.

Now I’m not saying that we aren’t adventurous, we are. I like to fuck all over the house and when possible outdoors but some scenarios are a little too ridiculous or impractical.

Another example of “It seemed like a good idea at the time” was featured in a porn film we watched recently, a dogging film. The woman decided it would be a good idea for her to perch on the ledge of the open boot and let the guy fuck her as he stood behind the car.

Visually great, it works but can you imagine how much that steel is going to dig in to your ass as you try to keep your balance, teetering on the edge. In fact at one point she did roll backwards in to the boot and they changed position. Lol

Another one is fucking in the kitchen. I’m not a feminist but why would anyone want to fuck in the kitchen by choice? Lots of hard surfaces and in the case of the girl above, electrical appliances. 🙂

Could it be that the subliminal undertone is that women are for the bedroom and kitchen? I’m not sure what statement is being made here but there are far more exciting places to fuck. I find that the stairs are good for doggy as you can adjust your height to match your partners by going up or down a stair.

In fact the stairs are quite good, the banister serves well for leaning over whilst being fucked from behind and if there is a mirror opposite too…

Where if your favourite out of the bedroom place to get down and dirty I’d love to know. 😉