Porn Baiting Sunday

By | January 28, 2007

We decided to take a trip out to a new shopping centre today for a change to normal routine.  Yes, that is how sad my life has become over the last few months, I now look forward to taking a shopping trip out at the weekends.

Anyway, I decided to take along some porn to read on route and to partake in one of my naughty little games.  I’ve only done it a few times but it’s good fun and the looks you get are sometimes priceless.

I took along a copy of Penthouse and Hustler for incar entertainment.  Although I must say the I was rather disappointed with the models, most of them had “stay put’s”â„¢ which do not do anything for me at all, in fact they tend to put me off wanting to fuck them.

What are you talking about Suze?  I’ll tell you.  It’s today’s need for women to enhance themselves with the most un-natural cleavages.  Didn’t anyone tell them that their A cup breasts are beautiful and they should be proud of their perky little tits.  Nothing looks worse than a woman who can lay down, do a handstand and lay on her side and her breasts not move.  Boobs are supposed to move, yes they slip under your arms when you lay down and they dangle when you are on all fours being fucked.

Personally, I prefer a natural pair of breasts whatever their size and they seem harder and harder to find.  If things carry on the way they are, it won’t be long before natural breasts will become a pay per view and false ones the norm.  I hope I don’t see that day.

I digress.  So Alex is driving along and I am sat in the passenger seat reading my porn.  Well, mostly looking at the pictures.  Lol  For the best results you need to hold the magazine high, around chest height so that it can be clearly seen by passing vehicles.

We passed a middle aged guy driving his BMW with what appeared to be his wife in the passenger seat and as we came to a standstill for the lights he was avidly staring at me.  He was trying to work out what I was reading, then you saw the look of recoginition on his face as the penny dropped.  A wry smile crept across his face, I smiled back, his wife was oblivious.  🙂

A little further up the dual carriageway we passed a white van, the driver had his window down smoking.  As we passed I could feel his gaze upon me and I caught him gesturing and giving me a thumbs up in my peripheral vision.  Again I smiled and Alex was laughing at the side of me and reminding me just how naughty I was.

Can you get booked for reading porn visibly whilst travelling in a vehicle?  Who knows.  I just love to be a little naughty from time to time.  I flicked the pages and found a very nice brunette to look at.  I was just beginning to imagine sitting between her open legs when I noticed a small chav chariot next to us, it was full on young lads and they were looking in this direction, pulling faces and waving.  I could have been well in there if we were not in such a hurry to get things done.  😉  If you haven’t tried this, next time you are being driven by your partner get out your porn and see who notices you.

So, if you were passed by a car with a redhead reading a porn mag today, that was me and Suze says “Hi”.