A Reader Gets To Fuck Me!

By | August 4, 2008

For a while now I have been a member of tribe.net amongst other community based sites. I have made a few online friends over there and elsewhere in the ether.

One of those friends “V” followed me over to start reading here and enjoyed the experience so much that he found himself writing a fantasy featuring both of us.

You can’t believe how flattered I was to open up my email on a sleepy Sunday morning to find it waiting for me in my Inbox.

I read it twice just to take it in and I can’t tell you just how aroused I was after reading it, knowing that one of our readers had taken the time to write this especially for me. 🙂

When I asked V if I could share his fantasy with you all he agreed so here it is for your eyes only…

We have spent the evening in a bar, chatting, kissing and feeling each other up under the cover of darkness in the back seats of the bar. Having had a few glasses of wine and the constant touching have made us both hot and very ready for things to come. We walk the short way back to my hotelroom and the warm summer breeze is adding to our wellbeing. We stop and kiss and grope each other more intensely along the route and when we stagger through the reception and into the elevator. As soon as the door closes my hands are all over you and I rub your erect nipples through the fabric of your dress. You lean against the elevator wall and sigh deeply with lust. The elevator stops at our floor and we stumble out trying to look half decent.

As soon as we enter my room I grab you and more or less rip your dress off, kissing all the naked skin that is unveiled. You pull at my clothes and in no time we stand there naked and just hold each other close and enjoying the warmth of our naked bodies. We stumble into the shower and I start soaping you all over your wonderful, sexy body. You grab the soap and return the favour and we almost run to the bed. You grab for my pulsating cock, but I firmly take your hand away and whisper that you shall be a nice girl and leave the first part of this to me.

I lay you down on your back on the bed and bend over you and kiss your open mouth, darting my tongue into your mouth and find your eager tongue. My hands slide up and down your body, as my lips and tongue start on the long journey downwards. My tongue reaches the upper curved area of your breast and then starts to move in closing circles around the nipple. The nipple is so hard it looks like bursting.

I am teasing both of your great breasts in this way without touching the nipple itself. As the circle is getting smaller and smaller around your nipple my hands slide up and down your thighs. I hear your breathing is getting heavier and I close my lips around the nipple and flick my tongue over it again and again. I suck first gently then harder on both nipples and my hands force your legs apart – gentle fingers running along the edges of your swollen lips at the same time.

After a long while enjoying the extremely nice nipples, my mouth starts seeking further down. Licking your tummy and bellybutton on the way down, I feel your body stiffen as the tongue runs down along your groin on one side and up again on the other side. Moving further inwards I soon feel the soft, swollen lips of your dripping wet pussy against my eager tongue. I keep licking around the edges and watch in pure joy how your lips are opening up and the inner lips are glistening with wetness. I press the tip of my tongue deep into your clamping tunnel and let it find its way slowly upwards towards your pulsating pleasure button. I hear a heavy moan from you as the contact between my tongue and your erect clit finally happens.

As my tongue concentrates on your clit and circles around it in small intense movements, I let two fingers slide into your wetness. I alternate between gentle licking and more intense sucking on that wonderful piece of anatomy and almost get overwhelmed by the beauty of your wet lips and the welcoming grip around my fingers. Increasing the speed of both fingers and tongue I hear your gasping for air as the first shivering pulsations of your orgasm races through your body. You almost scream out as the climax is reached and I keep licking you until your body has started to relax a bit again.

When you have regained a little control you again reaches for my rock hard cock which is oozing precum, but again I force your hand away. I am not finished with you yet.

I turn you over on your stomach and start massaging your thighs and buttocks and just seeing those magnificent buttocks and the wet dripping flower in between them is almost enough to get me over the top too.
I bend down to kiss and lick the entire surface of each buttock and my hands start teasing your wetness again. Fingers play inside you and rub your sensitive button gently as my tongue gets more and more daring between your buttocks. The wiggling wet tongue slides down in that beautiful cleavage and I am really loving the view and feel of your behind. As the tip of my tongue reaches that wrinkled area around your tight back door I let my free hand slap down on your buttock, gently but still firmly enough to let you feel a sting of pain and pleasure rip through you.

I probe your back door with my tongue and share a few smacks on both your buttocks enjoying the feeling of your wetness cloying around my fingers with every slap. I feel your tight hole relaxing and opening to my probing tongue. I lift your hips up and let the tongue slide between your lips and again finding the clit which is screaming for attention.

As I slide a finger slowly into your back door while two others are filling your front and my other hand slaps your buttocks now and again I start sucking your clit and the combination of all this brings you over the top again as a rocket. Just as your orgasm starts to subside I grab your hips and plunge my pulsating cock into your pussy and start to move back and forth with full intensity and force. I can feel every nerve end tingling with pleasure as I am fighting to hold back my eruption.

Pumping harder and faster into you I can feel your walls milk me as your third orgasm is ripping through you. At the peak of your climax I plunge a finger deep into your slippery backdoor. A few more plunging strokes in your pussy and I pull out and press the slippery head of my cock against your relaxed and wet rosebud, slowly pressing my entire cock into your tight ass. Feeling the tightness and the gripping muscles in there is more than enough to bring me off and with a few fast pushes I am exploding deep in your tight ass. I am cumming so hard and with every push another spurt of cum is filling your ass. I collapse on top of you and we both feel that this has been one of the finest moments. Right there and then I am so grateful for your beauty and the fantastic times we can share.