Epic Sex Win

By | August 20, 2011

Myspace FaceWe’ve had a rather surprising traffic spike on one of our new sites, KinkyHalo.com. It’s been steadily increasing in popularity over the past couple of months but today things have gone a bit mental with twice as many visitors as an average day.

Thanks everyone for your patronage and keep popping over there for naughty new content like this:

“I started to suck at her nipples which seemed to swell a little more, then flicked them with my tongue making her moan. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her clit while I worked on her tits. It was my turn to work on her so I pushed her firmly back onto the bed before shuffling between her legs.  I grabbed her ankles, pushing them towards her head, lifting them high and spreading them. Her lips opened like the petals of a flower to reveal the hot, wet pink flesh inside.”

And the rest of the story is over here.