Face It, You’re Addicted To Sex

By | August 21, 2011

Sexy PVC assWhen Roxy Music sang that “Love s The Drug” they weren’t singing about Love; They were singing about Sex.

Love is a wonderful thing, it has myriad hues and is the glue that holds much our humanity together. It is not however addictive in the same way that the hedonism of sex can be.

It’s strange therefore that love and sex are too often used in such an interchangeable fashion. That isn’t to say that love and sex aren’t intertwined, just not all the time. In a relationship where love and sex exist they can support each other, sex strengthening love and vice-versa. However one doesn’t equate to the other and it ‘s often a very painful experience for each of us to learn that fact.

In youth sex can happen without love. That can be for many reasons either the participants are not ready for love, or they are not yet aware of what love it. But mistaking sex for love leads to the painful lesson itself that they are two different things.

In older life love can exist with little or no sex, so is this love less potent? I don’t think so, just different and with a different set of goals and parameters.