Fuck Toy

By | August 23, 2011

StockingsVisiting my parents used to be quite a comfortingly mundane thing.  Alex and I would sit there sip our tea and chat in a convivially relaxed way.  We could talk about most things except exactly what I did for a day job.  Lol

Sitting in the conservatory was a relaxing way to spend a visit to the parents.  That was until they acquired their nutter dog.  He now seems to dominate most of our conversations and not in a good way.

I think I’ve mentioned before that their dog is a bit of, well, a nutter.  He’s perfectly likeable dog but is a really a bit of a social dropout.

For he insists on shagging his cuddly toys and doesn’t keep it secret.  He gets right down to it right in front of us all.  It’s so embarrassing, my parents continue to converse despite the fact that the horny dog is shagging his favourite bear.

I try not to make anything of it but it’s difficult at times and I find myself giggling.  This is closely followed by a vain recognition that they posses a sexually over active dog  I even remarked the other day that he needs bromide in his diet, which was well received but pushed under the carpet with a giggle.

However being a slight embarrassment means that we don’t have to linger too long and visits don’t become too cumbersome.  But I do wish they would adopt a cat next time.  lol