Soapy And Wet, Hot Bikini Talk

By | August 25, 2011

HairWhat do women talk about at the hairdresser’s?

I know that there’s a standard array of hair salon small talk about holidays, the weather, the pets, the kids, the job … but how intimate does it actually get?

Not spending a huge amount of time in a salon full of women I can’t comment myself. Of course if I was there I think I might prevent any sort of openly sexual conversation starting up.

If I were to be a fly on the wall though, in the right salon, at the right time with the right clientele … What would I hear?

With the right chemistry women can open up and divulge the most intimate details to their friends. Are they close enough to their hair technicians to spill the beans on love and relationships?

It would be free counselling.

OK everyone – does it ever get that steamy, and if so doesn’t make your hair go curly?