Lust for the Italian Stallion

By | August 25, 2011

Oral CowgirlAgghhh! Found this from our holiday in Italy that I didn’t publish.

Monday, Sienna

I was woken this morning for the second day in a row by the bloody cockrels.  Only the previous evening had I joked with the owners of the villa at a party we were invited to that I hoped there were chicken kebabs on the menu.  But they didn’t get it and thought I was joking.

Just for your information the holiday rep kindly had a few words with them about relocating the birds whilst we were here and we finally saw the back of them on Monday.  Hurrah!  Until this encounter with them I had always wanted some chickens, needless to say I don’t any more.  Lol

The drive to Sienna didn’t take us long but the hike in uncomfortable shoes to find the tourist attractions did and played havoc with my feet.  Note to self, buy a map before you do anything else when visiting foreign climes.

Be prepared when  visiting Sienna to do some hiking up and down as the town is nuzzled upon hills and you will find the routes to places of interest involve a lot of additional upping and downing.  The majority of tourist attractions both here and in other Italian cities is primarily religious, be it churches or monasteries they are all so beautiful and the views are to die for.

Having had about 6 hours sleep in two days didn’t help and I was a bit of a grump at first, lack of sleep does that to me but I soon came round.  We ate a light lunch at a bar, pasta with peas and ham for me and Alex had pasta and pesto.

For dessert I wanted what I had been craving to try again ever since my last taste of it when I was a teenager…pistachio ice cream.  Mmmm.  I had seen a small gelato stand not far from the bar so after we ate lunch we made our way up the street for an ice cream.

The guy on the stand was just as yum as the ice cream, tall, dark and handsome but only in his early twenties, a bit young for me.  😉  However, it didn’t stop me letching at him.  We both selected a cone which based on English sizes would have warranted a couple of rounded and unsubstantial scoops.

What we actually got was about 1//2 a litre of the richest most delicious ice cream in each cone.  For the first time in years I can actually say I almost made myself sick trying to eat it all.  Lol  I had a bloody good go.

Afterwards we did some sight seeing of the local churches and piazzas before making for the car as my feet were now killing me and I was flagging.  Another note to self, sandals may be comfy walking around the shoe shop but after a few miles they start to dislike you.  Lol