Unexpected Phone Sex

By | August 27, 2011

PhoneAlex and I retired to the bedroom around 7pm and watched some television trying to chill out from the day’s stresses and strains. We both just lay on the bed staring inanely through the television watching merely for the distraction. The past few days have been particularly tense, brought about by Alex’s boss.

Just as we were both feeling a little less tense the telephone rang. Alex went to answer it and came in to the bedroom moments later to tell me it was Sky.

To say I wasn’t very happy at the intrusion was an understatement. I made my way to the telephone.

The conversation went something like this.

“Good evening I’m calling from Sky television”

“Can you take me off your calls list please…
“…I don’t appreciate you disturbing me when I’m about to make love to my partner”

He mumbled and I’m sure became a little embarrassed which was obvious by his slow return of “OK, madam I will”.

I placed down the handset and wandered back in to the bedroom where upon Alex burst in to laughter.

If you are going to do a job…do it right. 😉

I’m sorry if you are reading this and it was you but really, calling at that time in the evening is so intrusive.