Beijing Bonking

By | August 7, 2008

With the Beijing Olympics looming my mind drifted this afternoon whilst in a training session to the alternative games. I’m so going to be in trouble when it comes to using the new software at work, I think I managed to stay with them for about 15 minutes of training before becoming bored.

I did have good reason, they covered everyone else’s roles within the company before reaching mine. I hope I don’t have to cover for anyone else or I’m fucked! Lol

Now which events would be part of the games…

  • …the maximum orgasms in one session
  • how far can you shoot your load, measured with tape for accuracy
  • just how many inches can you swallow before gagging, this would need marking off with a felt tip for adjudication later or it could be measured up to the lipstick line 😉
  • Positons…just how many can you achieve before coming (male of course)

There must be loads I have missed, do you want to leave your suggestions in the comments. 😉