Hot Blonde Dubstep Girl

By | August 29, 2011

Alana WatsonAs I work at my desk during the day I regularly listen to Radio One for both company and for the music.  It’s now part of my daily life, waking up with Chris Moyles and making dinner to Scott Mills ( on my tv in the living room).

I quite often hear songs over and over without a clue what they are called or the artist who sang it.

Unbeknown to me I have become a fan of Chase And Status and Nero during my working hours.  In fact I’m now an avid Dubstep fan without me having a clue.  Lol

You will have noticed I’ve linked to a great video from Nero and a hot blonde by the name of Alana Watson.  She gets my juices flowing and would be very welcome to share my new strap on.  😉