Things to Come – Part 3

By | January 30, 2007

The two previous parts of this story can be found here and here. And sorry, I couldn’t resist the image from Blink 182’s “Enema Of The State”.

Steven held Dianne in his arms in a vice-like embrace. His cock pressed into her stomach. His musk filled her nostrils as their tongues vied for supremacy, his always destined to win.

He was like a leviathan able to crush her, yet for all his strength she knew he would not harm her. Her softness tamed the animal in him, turning his anger into passion and his need to lash out at the world into a far stronger need to protect her. From what? Maybe himself, he wasn’t sure, his mind was still filled with the faces of the Russian soldiers he had seen, right before he ordered the strike.

One thing he was certain of was that he wanted her. She was feminine, delicate, perfumed like spring flowers, delicate and apparently vulnerable. Dianne was anything but vulnerable but his instincts were in charge now, the primeval drive that transcends thought and swamps reason. The urge that obliterates everything with its singularity of purpose. In this moment the heinous act that he felt resting on his shoulders was lifted from him, just for this moment in time he was the preserver, not the destroyer, the Vishnu, not the Shiva.

On a ship of three thousand souls they were now alone, the cacophony of the vessel and its inhabitants receded until they could hear each other’s heartbeats and quickening breaths.

Dianne slid her hand onto Steven’s hard, muscular ass, relishing the firmness, thrilled at its power. She slid a leg between his, rubbing her clitoris on his skin, smearing the moisture from her lips over his upper thigh.

He had untied her hair and now used a handful to turn her head this way and that as he imposed his oral mastery over her. She could feel the flow of sticky clear fluid on her abdomen as his glans slid against her.

She felt a hand grasp her breast, cupping it firmly, kneading it with such force and yet tenderness. She realised that he wanted to unleash his passion onto her, but feared what he might do, his desire boiled behind the gates of his self control.

She pulled herself from his kiss and pushed him onto his back. Then she looked him squarely in the eye, for just a moment, before leaning into his neck and biting him, hard, breaking the skin over his trapezius. Steven cried out in pain, yet she wouldn’t let go. Dianne raised her self slightly and pressed her pussy against his erection, then down his full length, only releasing his bleeding shoulder when she could go no further. He pulled her down, hands forcing her down onto his cock further than she thought possible.

A shriek, half scream half gasp escaped from her mouth as she walked the knife edge between bliss and agony.

“Fuck me Steven.”

He began to move within her, slow, long strokes. Her breasts rolled across his skin, her erect nipples tingling from the abrasion of his chest hairs. A warmth enveloped them, not the prelude orgasmic, it was an perfect calm, a crystal clear lake of serenity, an oasis in the searing desert of reality that they inhabited outside that moment.

He rose from the bed, matching her downward strokes with sure and steady thrusts. She wanted him to release himself to feel like she was being split in two. He would not. Instead he lost himself in their sex, grabbing her shoulders, forcing her onto his phallus with all his strength, but relenting before each stroke turned her pleasure to pain.

She raked his skin with her nails, but he could not be provoked again. He was in control. She wanted more but this was enough, he was using her and she felt pleasure in that, because she was using him too. In the turmoil in which they were immersed they were two people with only this moment in common.

Time became meaningless as they travelled together towards a climax. Not a screaming, legendary, ultimate orgasm, but a melting, soothing, shuddering, scarlet moment of shared elation.

They felt no urge to part as the climax ebbed and held each other until they fell asleep.


Giles slowed his gallop to a walk and composed himself a few meters from the doors to the infirmary. He strode through the door confidently. “Private Giles reporting as requested.”, he saluted the room in general, he was alone.

“I’ll be with you in a minute … “, a voice announced from a storeroom.

Corporal Evans appeared, apparently unaware of Giles’ excitement, detached and professional, only her cleavage, exposed by a provocatively unbuttoned blouse betrayed her complicity in this less than secret tryst.

“Put your rifle down.” Giles smiled and laid his rifle on a nearby bed.

“Now come here” he walked towards Stacey, cock already rubbing heavily against his thigh.

“Turn around.”

“Wha … but?”

“Turn around and drop your trousers.” He complied, she outranked him after all.

“Bend over.” He gulped and lay over the examination table chest resting on the vinyl covered surface, swollen cock waving freely.

He listened for a clue about what was going on behind him, strange sounds gave him an idea. It was confirmed when Stacey’s left hand came to rest between his shoulder blades and he felt the middle finger of her right hand, covered in lubricant slide onto his anus.

“Don’t move” she said quietly.

He finger started to massaged his tight hole. Giles felt her expert digit sooth and titillate the outer ring of muscles, relaxing and preparing him. Slowly her finger ventured in, his balls were rising, cock stiffening as his anal intruder gently inveigled itself.

Stacey moved her hand from his back and cupped his balls, squeezing gently, then slid from his tight sack, up the shaft of his penis to the tip. Her fingers became wet with his pre-cum, she lifted her hand to her lips and sucked them clean of the deliciously flavoured fluid.

She repositioned herself behind Giles allowing her to push her finger deep enough inside to rest on his prostate, her ultimate goal. His cock was so hard now, hidden from her view because of her position behind him gripped in her left hand as she masturbated him while massaging his “G-Spot”.

She feel his anus begin to tense, her finger almost became trapped as they constricted on her. The waves of muscular pumping in his groin thrilled her, she smiled feeling the moistness between her legs.

Her left hand continued to stroke his shaft, the first spurt of cum landing with a splat on the polished floor, the rest covering her hand as she cruelly rubbed the hyper-sensitised tip of his cock round and round with her palm.

Giles’ legs began to quiver. She removed her finger from his ass and left him collapsed in a heap on the floor, trousers around his ankles, cock oozing fluid onto the floor and a silly grin on his face. She stood astride him, licking the cum from her hand.

“Now … I think you need to examine me …”