Cum For Breakfast

By | September 1, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling so horny, if I had possessed a cock it would have been as hard as a rock. 😉 Suze must have had what would be called a wet dream if I was a guy. Between my legs was throbbing and my inner thighs were damp.

Alex was sleeping like a baby, it was about 7.30am. I know it was early but I tried in vain to get back to sleep for a while longer as we rise early in the week for work. But I just couldn’t settle and besides I wanted “IT”.

He was laying on his side facing me and at first I pondered about giving him a gentle kiss on the lips to wake him and then reveal to him that I wanted to fuck his brains out. I decided to go for the far more subtle option.

I slowly and carefully eased myself under the duvet as not to wake him. When I reached his groin I felt around in the dark until I found his cock. Bugger! The end was trapped between his legs.

Only one thing for it. I started to gently glide my hand over his stomach in a carefree way, just stroking him gently. Then I went for it, I moved my hand down to his groin and ran my fingers over the base of his cock.

That worked he sleepily moaned and opened his legs to allow me to free him. I think at this point he was semi awake but kept his eyes closed taking advantage of the situation. Don’t tell him I said that but I’m sure he was. 😉

I began to massage his cock against his groin, rolling him gently, slowly. He responded well to my ministrations and within minutes he was becoming firm. He was now hard enough for me to wank.

Before I started I took the end of his cock in to my mouth and coated it with saliva and then backed off to let my hand do the work. I slid his foreskin back and forth slowly, he liked that. 😉 Another moan issued from him.

I speeded up my hand movement and he began to fuck my hand.

That cock was now coursing with blood and sticking out like an arm. I wriggled over to him and took him into my mouth. Immediately Alex started to fuck me and I coughed as he caught the back of my throat in his eagerness.

Just a few minutes and I’ll get on all fours, point my ass at him and ask him to slide in, I though to myself.

I pursed my lips around his cock, pulling his foreskin back with each push inwards. I placed my tongue underneath to massage his frenulum and he fucked away at me. My cheeks sank in as I sucked down hard on that erect cock.

Alex was now between my legs, opening my thighs to gain entry. I felt the warm softness of his tongue on my clit as he flicked it, teased it, made it swell. I moaned my appreciation as best I could from his groin.

I grasped his buttocks and pushed him towards my mouth, making him fuck me faster. It felt so erotic, so damn dirty sucking him off that I completely forgot about him fucking me. I was enjoying this too much to stop now.

My hands had a firm grip on his ass and I began to move my head up and down his hard shaft.

“Suze! Stop I’m going to come”, he shouted from between my legs.

But I couldn’t stop myself and then…

…spurt, spurt…spurt, I felt the ricochet of his ejaculation hitting the roof of my mouth. Then I coughed as one hit the very back. I could taste him, smell him, I wanted to devour him.

As we both stood in the bathroom waiting for the sink to fill with water I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I had a crispy white coating over my top lip. Now I wonder what that was. 😉