Round And Ripe To Be Plucked Or Fucked

By | September 2, 2011

When Queen released the double-A sided single Bicycle Rave/Fat Bottomed Girls in 1978 they were courting controversy. Everyone knows that pop music is about sex but actually getting a load of naked young girls to ride around a track as an accompaniment to your music is asking for the censors to get involved.

The censorship of Bicycle race isn’t the most interesting part though. Another incident is rather more indicative of the changing times than getting the video banned.

The bikes used were from the cycle store Halfords – just hired for the day.

When Halfords got the bikes back and found out what the bikes had been used for they demanded that the band paid for all the seats to be replaced.

Today it would have been very different. They would still have demanded that the band paid for new seats … just that the old ones would have ended up on Ebay LOL.

Anyway, the original reason for this post was that I’ve posted a review of the book Ultimate Curves on our Erotic Buzz site. As the name suggests it’s about curvy voluptuous ladies pop over and read the review here.