Screaming Orgasm For The Neighbours

By | September 3, 2011

Pool AssYesterday was a very busy and intense day. I spent the morning and most of the afternoon pitching to potential clients. Not easy but very rewarding when it all comes good. Fingers crossed. 😉

I didn’t realise just how much it takes out of you, selling yourself. By mid afternoon I was fucked but without the cock. In a way I felt a little like a high class prostitute and I suppose in a way that is exactly what I was. After all I was selling my services to those who are interested. Hmmm. Never really thought of it that way before.

So, I suppose I could be classed as a sex worker. Lol

But seriously, I was in desperate need of a bit of relaxation following the tension of the morning. And you know what releases tension best of all. SEX! No pretension here. If Alex isn’t around, which he wasn’t then it comes down to a good bit of onanism or to the uninitiated a good bit of flicking off.

Which puts me in mind of Jenny from Ideal asking Moss if he wants to watch her flick off. Sorry, got carried away on a totally different thread then. 😉

I put the latest DVD in the player, pressed Play and pulled the curtains in the bedroom. Next I selected my weapon of choice. In this case my favourite clit vibe. I was now armed and amorous!

Having previewed the DVD earlier I knew exactly which scene I wanted to masturbate along with. You know that just gave me an idea, how would a “Masturbate along” DVD go down? Lol

The scene begins with the legendary Lex Steele giving the hot brunette a really good shafting in the pussy. He then switches and this girl takes every ass busting inch of his cock in her anus.

At that point I pushed the magic button on my clit vibe and placed it over my already swollen nub. A minor adjustment aligned it perfectly to my nerve endings, resulting in me twitching and shuddering uncontrollably.

By now Lex was banging this girl like there was no tomorrow and she was more than appreciative of his attentions, howling like a banshee on heat. This further fuelled my dabblings and I was very close to climaxing.

Within moments both me and the celluloid babe were moaning like whores. I couldn’t control my outburst of “FUCK” followed closely by “Oh Yeh!” and then moaning which I cannot translate via the keyboard.

Sated and knackered I flopped back on the bed and lay enjoying that glorious post fuck afterglow.

Minutes passed and I got up to clean up. I slipped in to my robe and opened the curtains so as not to attract suspicion. Although I probably had by then, my neighbours are elderly and you know what goes with elderly nosey (sorry I meant observant. Lol). As I drew back the curtains I noticed movement in the adjacent bay window of the house adjoining ours (we live in a semi detached).

They also had their bay window open just like me. Oh shit! Did they hear me and my video friends? Well, there goes my little secret. Lol