Natural Italian Women

By | September 3, 2011

Sexy In ChairAnother from our Italian archives, the last one in fact:

In Persuit Of Hairsuit

The owners of the villa were very friendly and the woman spoke a little English which helped when coupled with Alex’s scant grasp of Italian.

When we opened the door to the villa there was rustic charm oozing out of the place.  The kitchen was beju and pine which took me right back to the 70’s and the décor dated around the same time.  Lol  But having said that there were all the mod cons at our disposal.  That was apart from a kettle.

There was an electric juicer but no toaster or kettle.  We resided ourselves to having cerial based breakfast, not such a hassle as that is what I eat at home anyway.  We took to boiling water in a saucepan.  Where there is a will and all that.

As we looked around the 3 bedroomed villa Alex received a text message from the holiday rep.  It was asking if we would like to go to a party that evening held in the grounds by the owners of the house.  She said that the party would finish early and they did not expect us to take anything just ourselves and that would make them happy.

We spent the rest of the day familiarising ourselves with the villa and local amenities.  The local COOP was only a few miles up the road and we filled our basket with groceries for the next few days returning to the villa for the afternoon and some serious sun bathing.

More on that later.

The evening soon descended upon us and I selected a long gown so that I was well covered knowing that our hosts were very religious.

Tables were set out to the side of the villa and we made our way over to say hi to the hosts.  They soon had us sat down with drinks and containers with various nibbles.  The female host was very tactile and hugged both of us, finally settling from wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

I wasn’t sure but I thought I caught site of something out of the corner of my left eye as she placed her arm around me.  Not wanting to draw attention to myself I waited a few minutes before sneaking a quick look.

There at the end of my shoulder was a big hairy spider which appeared to be attached to her armpit.  I felt the urge to go “Errrrr!” but restrained myself.  I reached forward for me beer hoping disengage her noticing that she was also a little wiffy under there.  Lol

With a little clever manouvering I managed to avoid her embrassing me for the rest of the evening and was about to warm Alex but he had already clocked her and giggled at me having to take care of her and her spider.

It did leave me wondering if au natural underarms were the in thing over here in Tuscany.  Should I let mine grow?  Hmmm…don’t really think so, native is not quite my thing.