When I Can`t Have Him I’ll Have Her

By | September 5, 2011

For the last couple of months I have indulged in being able to stay in bed a little longer whilst Alex has to get up to go to work. Working from home is going well and I always make up for any time taken during the day (wank breaks lol) by working in to the evening.

Nothing changed there then. Lol

As I hear Alex’s car pull off the driveway I like to hug up to his pillow, laying my head on it and sinking my nose in to it. I can feel his warmth still nestled amongst its acrylic fibres and smell him. His distinctive scent, he smells masculine and musky and as I lay there inhaling his aroma I begin to feel horny in my hazy state somewhere between consciousness and sleep.

I feel the telltale swell between my legs as my lips fill with blood and lubricate…

These thoughts were rekindled today when I viewed the advertisement for Yves Saint Laurent’s latest fragrance, Parisienne.

Watch the video at the top of this post to become an instant voyeur.

Ooooh, Miss Moss you are such a dirty bitch! 😉