Hand Job On A Sunday afternoon

By | September 3, 2011

hentaiI remember once laying in bed on a sunny afternoon with the sun streaming through the curtains. We were in our first flat and life was a little simpler than it is now. We had very little money but not as much in the way of outgoings. Suze was about to lose her job (though we didn’t know it) and the world seemed pretty kind to us. We had just become an item, perhaps six months before and everything was fresh and new.

As we lay there I experienced a new feeling as Suze’s hand slipped under the single cotton sheet and grasped my cock. It wasn’t that she hadn’t given me a hand job before, but the spontaneity of her approach and the totally unreciprocated nature of her vigorous attentions to my cock were new.

Suze pulled back the sheet and slid down the bed to give her a better view of my hard and now dribbling cock. I lay back a supine and appreciative voyeur as the spectacle of her attentive wanking infolded.

My balls tightened and my stomach tensed as the orgasm approached. I don’t know if I was more excited by the rapid movements of her hand or Suze’s intent stare as she waited for the cum to shoot from my cock.

When it did she watched and pumped until every last spurt of semen had landed on my stomach and chest. The she rubbed the last drops of cum on my glans and watched as the effect on my hypersensitised glans made me squirm.