Saleswomen Who Will Do Anything For A Sale ;-)

By | September 5, 2011

When I’m at work I often get called by representatives of various companies. They use various techniques to try and sell you their products, some more desperate than others.

One angle that is used quite often is sex.

I work in an office environment but sex is used just as much in sales for the white collar pitch as it was when I worked in a factory/workshop environment. It’s just a little more covert.

So one day earlier this year I was called by this woman.

Well first of all she doesn’t exist. I have had stinking head cold that night and was tossing and turning, not really getting to sleep for longer then a few minutes at a time. This meant that I was in and out of REM sleep all the time. I had some vivid and confusing dreams, one of which had me in the office taking a call from a sales rep. She started off with the usual pitch about “Hoping we can work with your business” yet within a few sentences had switched to “I’m a Blue-eyed Blonde with a nice figure … What do you look like?”

Because I was in business mode I quickly wound up the call and hung up, not wanting to deal with a company who used techniques like that. I even laughed and joked about how desperate the supplier must be to try such a stunt with my colleagues before the room dissolved and I woke up again.

I’ve had some desperate salespeople on the phone but never that bad. How about you guys?