Put A Cock In It And Feel His Wrath

By | September 7, 2011

BananaI make no secret of the fact that I watch Jeremy Kyle when it screens in a morning.  For me the show is one of my naughty indulgences and galvanises the fact that I have a relatively quiet life compared to some of the people on the show.

Alex tolerates the program but I think secretly he is starting to enjoy it too when he’s not at work. I bet he chastises me for saying that.  Lol

This mornings show featured a young couple in a violent domestic relationship but had a humorous twist for the gravity of the situation.  During one of their debacles the girl revealed that her partner was concerned about the size of his genitals.

The guy laughed it off but looked ever so slightly embarrassed that his girlfriend had revealed this on national television.  She then went on to add that he was also conscious of his height.

Jeremy was only moments before making a point that she shouldn’t be so verbally abusive to her partner and stop putting him down.  The girl said she didn’t and then went on to add that her fella had told her he wasn’t going to have any kids with her until she lost some weight.

I have also noticed that quite a lot of these feuding people use Facebook to air their dirty washing and in some instances it’s part of the problems they are having.

Me thinks pot and kettle but it did make for an amusing start to the day.