Wake Me With a Blowjob

By | August 9, 2008

Wake Me With A Blow JobA couple of years ago I was lounging in bed one Saturday morning having the sort of dreams that only a weekend lie-in can give you. The sort of dreams that are warm, fuzzy and sensual. I was drifting in a warm hazy sea sensation when in my dream I felt a hand grab hold of my cock.

I went with it, letting my libido guide me. The hand didn’t take long to coax my cock to full erection, after all most guys are up and ready in the morning without any encouragement. Then I felt the tongue. It started to lick the tip of my swollen cock, lubricating the helmet with saliva and stroking the shaft with a warm, wet touch.

I groaned, half awake and half asleep. Aware that I was dreaming and not wanting to release myself to consciousness and lose this exquisite moment.

A mouth engulfed me now, lips encircling me, the suction encouraging me towards the sweet climax that I so longed for. I squirmed, in my head and in my bed. I was enjoying the moment and not wanting it to end but so turned on by the feeling of being drawn into the warm wet cavern with it’s slippery, lithe inhabitant that I knew I would cum soon.

I felt my balls held in a soft but firm grip, the mouth and tongue moving up and down, sucking and licking. There was no holding back and I felt the first muscular pumping begin in my groin. Three, four, five times the strongest contractions came, pumping sticky seed from my balls.

As always when I cum in a dream I woke up. Expecting to see a sticky stomach and semen stained sheets I instead saw the top of Suze’s head. She turned to look at me and smiled. She licked her lips and said brightly “Morning”, before going downstairs to make breakfast.

I love Saturday mornings.