Kylie Is Too Hot!

By | September 8, 2011

Kylie Get Outta My WayFor me Kylie is one of those women who’s matured with age into a much sexier woman.  When she was the young squeaky girl out of Neighbours some years ago she held no attraction for me but now several years later “Yes I would” without a doubt.

I find her quite an enigmatic woman very much along the same lines as David Bowie, who for me hold a certain naughty quality which makes me salivate.

The reason this post came about is because I just watched her video on Youtube called Get Outa My Way.  In my opinion not one of her best numbers but the video is very good.

One of the dresses she appears in is most probably a bi product of those “Money for gold” schemes, all will become apparent when you watch.

And she does look good in red…

You can watch her here