Rub My Panties!

By | September 9, 2011

I can hear you all shouting “Suze if off again”. Well yes I am. Lol I think I watch enough porn now to be able to comment with regard to sexual techniques which work in on film but not in real life.

You know what I mean, the one fingered, finger fuck for example. I have never orgasmed on one digit. Several stuck up my pussy works but certainly not one.

You know what I am going to say don’t you! As I watched a teeny weeney bit of porn today when everyone else was in church. I noticed yet another porn practice…gusset masturbation.

Now to do this you can either be wearing the pants or not at the time. You gather up the gusset until it forms a thin string running between your pussy lips. Then you run the gusset back and forth between your labia…and hey presto! You come and come hard. 🙂


Can you imagine girls, running a piece of dry material back and forth over your dry clit making you want to climax. In fact what it would make me want to do is slap the person doing it. Be warned guys, not everything you see in porn works but then I bet you already knew that. 😉