I Love To Slurp Dick

By | September 9, 2011

Spotted DickOne of my favourite puddings as a child was spotted dick. It featured on the menu at school almost weekly because the kids loved it so much. With custard there was nothing else like it on a cold school day. For those unfamiliar with this and wondering why the hell I’m talking about pouring custard on a dick, it is a dessert made from sponge and laced with dried fruit.

Hence the spots, not quite sure where the dick comes in but anyway. I just read that Flintshire Council in North Wales are to ban the name and call the pudding spotted Richard instead. How stupid is that, it is a perfectly innocent name which we enjoyed smirking about as children.

I didn’t know this but Tescos changed the name to Spotted Richard back in 2001. Has the world gone politically-correct mad, Dick is and always will be more preferable to Richard. 😉

Even chairman for The Pudding Club Peter Henderson believes the whole thing is bonkers. And if you want to check out their site you can find them here You can even stay over and sleep in a bed which looks like a box of chocolates.

I think a trip the Cotswolds could be in order next year. 😉