Ultimate Anal Toy Play

By | August 9, 2008

Nobessence RompWe were thrilled to get four toys sent to us by Nobessence in the states. They are really beautiful objects and so far have turned out to be fabulous sex toys.

Discovering the ever-increasing range of toys available is rather exciting and not something that I would have dreamed about being able to do only a few years ago. Or for that matter even wanted to do.

Suze and I have always had a great sex life. Although toys have occasionally formed part of that sex life it’s only since we started reviewing toys about three and a half years ago that they’ve graced our bedroom on a regular basis.

Looking back now it’s hard to see how I would have reacted if someone had said that I’d be trying out an anal toy in preparation for a good old fashioned wank. Well I have, with the Nobessence Romp you can see the review over at Sex Toys Buzz.


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