Back From Amsterdam With A New Pair Of Tits To Play With

By | September 10, 2011

Bikini TitsWe arrived back from Amsterdam to find a delivery card telling us the next door neighbour had taken in a package all the way from California. I knew immediately what it was, a new masturbator for me to test. Not any old masturbator mind you but an amazingly lifelike set of boobs.

Now you know how much I like a tit wank, like a lot of guys. And you probably know how much Suze likes to watch, whether it’s her tits doing the wanking or a different pair. So how much fun were the new pair of tits? You can find out tomorrow on Sex Toys Buzz. Until then pop over and check out the sex toy reviews already there.

There’s everything from sex toys for men, like the one I’m about to test to those for couples and ones exclusively for women all tested by Suze.

If you can’t find a particular toy on the site let us know, we’ll try and procure it from one of our suppliers then test it and publish it before you buy. We can’t promise that we will test every toy but we love our job so will do the very best we can to test as many as possible 🙂