Girls In The Shower

By | August 10, 2008

Girl In Wet T ShirtI love to watch peoples reactions in the changing room when we go swimming, they range from secretively trying to change under a towel to full frontal, don’t care less clothing change. The latter being me, I used to be quite a shy person but as the years have gone by I feel more comfortable with who I am than ever before.

It’s the same with observation, some women will look at you with sideways glances, others straight at you with a smile. Women are very competitive don’t let anyone try to fool you, we like to check out the competition or in my case the talent. 😉

Other girls tend to check me out when I take a shower because unlike the majority of women there, I take off my wet swimsuit and shower totally naked. There are four shower heads and I usually make for one of the end ones so that I’m not pushing my ass in to someone else’s.

Unlike the others I also trim my pubic hair close, I’m not good with shaving or creams but have a close crop once a week by Alex. This makes me look at first glance as if I am almost bald and seems to attract attention.

Some girls hurry to get washed and disappear and others look slightly phased but don’t rush to make it obvious. I personally don’t have a problem with other girls getting nude around me, in fact I wish they would. 😉

Maybe given time taking nude showers will catch on and I will be accompanied. These things can take time and who knows I may be lucky enough to find a fellow bi girl in there one day. 😉

I can dream can’t I.