The Real Amsterdam XXX

By | September 11, 2011

Leather Cat WomanIt’s all good and well booking your flight with the premise that you will be arriving early enough to make something of your first day until you realise that you will have to get up at zombie o’clock.  Lol  We had to get up at 3am for our flight to Amsterdam and looked like something out of a Hammer horror film but I must say it was worth it to be there early enough to get the most out of the day although we were both knackered.

We landed in Schipol and decided to commute to Northern Amsterdam via the train which was a very pleasant experience, the transport system over there WORKS!  Unlike here in the UK where it is fragmented and punctuality being hit and miss in some places.

After a 20 minute journey we were delivered to Amsterdam Central Station buzzing with excitement.  We made our way to the taxi stand (later we found that it was only a few minutes over the water and a quick walk to our apartment.  Lesson learned.) and were driven to the door of our apartment for the week which was in the residential area of Noord.

On opening the door we were greeted by 3 flights of very, very steep stairs.  If you have been to Amsterdam you will probably be aware of their deadly stairs with steep rakes on them.  Lol  Alex rather admirably made it to the top carrying a large suitcase weighing 23 kilos and panting like a puppy.

The apartment was cozy and had all the amenities we needed for our stay.  We dumped our stuff and decided to go and explore after meeting the landlord who educated us on the public transport system and nearest super market for supplies.

A quick walk and ferry crossing later saw us in the city once more.  We followed our noses and just kept on walking straight ahead and before we knew it we were in the red light district.  How’s that for path finding?  Lol

At the time I realised Alex was calling his parents to give them last minute instruction on feeding our kitty.  And yes he did say, “We got here OK and are currently walking through the red light district” and even more amusing his mother said “You are in the centre then, just across from the station”.  How did she know? Lol

My first glimpse of the sex trade was a red curtained window featuring a chair containing a blonde girl clothed in black bra and pants…

To be continued.