Rough And Wet

By | September 12, 2011

CunnilingusSome sexual encounters can quite simply blow your mind and tonight’s was one of those moments.  It was so good I just have to share with all you appreciative naughty people out there because I know just how much you like to be a part of my bedroom antics.  😉

There is far too much to cover in one post, I don’t want you drying out.  Lol  So, I’ll cover it in a series of posts to titillate and sate your dirty little minds.

The evening was close and we both lay naked on top of the mattress, duvet pushed aside.  We gently stroked each other as we lay back just relaxing and unwinding.  I noticed how stubbly Alex’s groin had become and noted that he needed to be shaved tomorrow.

My hand then wandered further down to his semi erect cock which lay over his left groin.  I ran my fingers gently up and down the shaft, then between his legs applying gentle pressure to his perineum with my middle finger.

He rolled over to face me and I took his stiffening prick in the palm of my hand, closing my fingers over his warm flesh.  Alex licked his fingers and ran them gently up my swollen slit, homing in on my clitoris.

I was now absently stroking his cock, foreskin being gently pulled one way then the other.  He was enjoying the moment as he leaned in to kiss me passionately, tongue slipping between my lips and wrestling with mine.

He parted his lips from mine and made his way between my legs.  I could feel his hot breath against my thigh flesh and then on my labia.  The warm wet sensation of something firm and smooth parting my lips and homing in on my pulsing clitoris.

I felt it glide up and down, pulling my hood back so I could feel its warm wet caress.  My hips began to gently raise to meet his mouth, pushing his face deeper in to my pussy.  My hands found both bare breasts and I started to massage them in a gentle circular motion as Alex licked at my clit like a thirsty dog.

My nipples were so hard I could almost feel the blood pulsing in them and I took one between the thumb and index finger of each hand.  I rolled, pinched and tweaked as I felt that warm tongue lap, swirl and flick at my clit.

I started to moan and at that moment Alex raised his head and leant in to kiss me.  For a moment I enjoyed the aroma of my own sex on his face as his lips reached mine and his tongue again probed my mouth.

The smell was irresistible and I disengaged my kiss to lick around his lips, to taste my own fluid.  It was a delicious combination of muskiness, salt and my own personal aroma which I adore.  One more kiss and he was back on the job.

Rather than returning to my clit I felt his tongue penetrate my opening, massaging my walls as it made passage inside me.  He systematically moved in and out of me as I licked my middle finger and placed it over my blushing clitoris.

The combination of his lingual ministrations and my own frigging had me coming, my hand became moist as I tilted my hips in the final throws of my orgasm.  And somewhere in the background I became aware of Alex moaning his appreciation of the face wetting he was receiving…