Take Me I’m Yours

By | August 11, 2008

Angel LongI have a growing interest. No, desire to get intimate with the gorgeous Lolly Babcock. And tonight I decided that I’m all hers when ever she wants me.

We just finished watching her and Angel Long in Lolly Badcock’s School Of Rubber 5 on Red Hot TV streaming video. Fuck! That girl is so hot. Let me set the scene…Lolly is wearing red rubber stockings, black patent high stilettos and a red satin basque. Oh, I nearly forgot the tiny shiny black rubber skirt-cum suspender belt. 😉

Angel is wearing a black rubber bikini with pink trim and black latex stockings. Blonde, pierced tongue, ample natural breasts. Certainly worth one.

Lolly acts out the role of Domme in this one and may I say very convincingly. She can take me under her tutiledge any time she likes. She makes her submissive lick her shoes and worship her, then goes in for the kill!

This girl knows how to pleasure her fellow women. She licks, sucks and fingers her sub to heights that she probably has never experienced before. Lolly doesn’t play at it, she gets right in there. A good sign to me of genuine lesbian action is the use of the middle and ring finger for finger fucking action. None of that index finger fucking rubbish. It doesn’t work for me or anyone else who is used to taking cock, vibes or vegetables. Lol

Lolly gets right down to it and towards the end of the video produces a latex dildo which looks very much like a truncheon and fucks the girl with such enthusiasm it made me squirm. 😉 then at one point she takes the end of the dildo between her teeth and fucks her with her mouth.

Inventive, hot and totally believable girl on girl action which works for both male and females alike, doesn’t it Alex? 😉

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