Up My Ass Now!

By | September 13, 2011

RimmingThe aroma of sex hung heavily in the air, fuelling my desire and urge to fuck Alex’s brains out.  You see one orgasm isn’t enough for me, like the Duracell bunny I can just keep on coming.  I’m one of the blessed people capable of multiple orgasms.

Alex arose from between my legs again, the scent of sex emanating from his face where only moments earlier I had coated his flesh in my cum.  I wanted to lick him once more, to clean my moisture from his face, to savour my own fluids.

He kissed me briefly and scooped my left buttock, flipping me on to my stomach, then gently but firmly took the flesh of my neck between his teeth, biting down on me.  I gasped with mild discomfort but at the same time arousal.  My nipples were already pert, hard and pulsing with the increase blood flow.

Not to mention the tingling sensation I was now enjoying in my clitoris as my sex started to swell once more.  I felt a knee part my legs, hot breath on the back of my neck.  My breathing was now shallow, rapid and so expectant.

My head turned to the right as it was plunged deep in to the pillow, my arms outstretched by my sides.  I was at his mercy, prepared to do his bidding and I liked it.  He brushed my hair out to the side with his hand, sliding it gracefully up through my hair and making my follicles buzz with electricity at his touch.

Both breasts and nipples dug hard in to the mattress and as I adjusted my position I could feel the pleasurable roll of my pink buds on the cotton sheet. He was now bearing down on me once more planting gentle kisses on my back and my flesh reacted to the glide of his tongue over me with small goose bumps.

Fuck!  My heart was now pounding with arousal making no secret of just how much I was in to this.  The fucker bit down in to my right shoulder and I made him vocally aware how much that hurt but something inside me wanted more.  A slap on the buttock…perhaps more.  At that moment in time I wanted to be shackled and lightly flogged.  Such dirty, dirty thoughts course through my head and veins.

He was now between my legs laping at me from behind, I ground my hips in to the mattress as I imagined him taking me.  Then I felt his hand placed firmly n my buttocks and the surge of cool air passing over my anus.

He had parted me and was now blowing cool air over my puckered asshole.  It felt good, kind of kinky but nice.  The tender fleshy ring was now feeling cooled and tingly but there was more to come.  That cold breeze was now replaced by a circular warm massage of my pink pouting ring.

Then a systematic lapping and circular tongue lashing started to arouse me.  I was being rimmed and it felt so good.  I slipped my hand under me and fumbled my way to my clit which was so fucking wet and started to run myself off.

My groans seemed to trigger something within Alex and he backed off replacing his tongue with his cock.  He slipped between my moist cunt lips, plunging deep inside and halting to savour the moment.  My finger was eagerly rubbing my clit round and round.

He withdrew in the same deliberate manner then plunged deep inside me making me cry out as he hit my cervix.  I felt so aroused I would have said “Yes” to anything.

Alex picked up his pace and started to move in and out of my pussy and I continued to work at away at my clitoris which was now so hard and sensitive I had to keep wetting my finger to avoid friction.  Then I felt a gentle pressure against my asshole, a pleasurable request to enter me.

My sphincter relented allowing my ass to be penetrated as Alex pushed his thumb up inside my ass.  He was fucking me like a whore and I was being pushed over the edge as he accompanied his deep penetration with ass fucking.

It wasn’t long before I was mumbling some intelligible garbage and moistening both of us and the bed with my orgasm.  This merely drove him to continue and as his thumb fucked my ass he was rubbing my g-spot bringing me to another orgasm.

I could hear him behind me breathing rapidly, groaning…it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his hot spunk inside me and I was ready for him.  A couple more thrusts and I felt that tell tale twitch inside me just before he blew his load which was perfectly times with another of my orgasms.

He collapsed on to my back before rolling off to my side with the most sated smile on his face.