Suze, DP’d With Intense Anal Sensations

By | August 10, 2008

Every Now And Then I Like A Little Something Up My Ass

I did try to be more concise with the header but this really does sum me up. Sometimes when Alex is fucking away at me I feel like a little bit of DP. It’s the time when I am most receptive to anal stimulation, my anus opens slightly and the muscles relax, allowing smooth passage in to my rectum.

With this in mind, the next time I ordered my batch of toys – I ordered the Internal Sensations from Doc Johnson.

The soft flexible probe is 20cm in length
Has a graduating insertable circumference ranging from the tip at 4.3cm to 13.1cm at its base, enough to please anyone 😉
It takes 2 x AA batteries
The IS is also waterproof, which I intend to try out later. Water relaxes my anal muscles too. 😉
But I left the best till last…it has the worlds smallest bullet tip to get to those hard to reach places. Lol

Anal is not something that can be rushed and whether it happens or not depends on circumstances I have found. You can’t always guarantee that it will happen but with such a slender toy I knew that there would be a chance of at least being DP’d. 😉

We both watched a little bit of streaming video that night. It was a girl on girl scene with Lolly Babcock in it. Before it reached the end I was ready to fuck. So was Alex, he climbed up on to his knees and told me to bend over. How could I resist.

The lube and my Internal Sensations were sitting on top of Alex’s drawers just in case I was receptive. I pulled my nightshirt up over my head and leant over my pillows. My breasts were now free and swaying below me. I love the feel of my breasts when they are released from the confines of my bra. The sensation can only be related to that of taking a really good poo and the release you feel, for you guys. Lol

I feel like my skin can breath again, my nipples become hyper sensitive as they graze upon the pillow below. Alex pushes in to me as I squat with my ass in the air, elbows resting on the mattress. My breasts are now pushed snugly in to the pillow. He starts to fuck me, slowly at first. As he fucks, my breasts roll into pillow. My pussy is now gaping and accepting his thrusts easily but with the sweetest of friction.

The bed starts to moan and creak with the quickening pace of his thrust and my upward bounces to meet him. I’m so wet, so fucking wet. I can hear him sliding in and out of me as my juices audibly slosh. I’m watching Lolly finger fuck that blonde girl and I’m wishing she was here with me. Alex is fucking me faster now…oh fuck, I feel that orgasm building. “I’m coming!”. He hears me and fucks faster, driving in and out of me like a machine.

I release…the wetness seeps down my inner thighs. Lolly, oh Lollly…you dirty bitch! I can see her fingering her sub. She has her knees up round her ears and moans like a whore. Alex fuck me…oh yes just like that.

His pelvis is now slapping against my ass and I know he wants me to come again. “Fuck my ass!”, I shout out as he penetrates me with unrelenting lust. He stops momentarily and reaches over to his drawers. I hear the sound of the lube bottle being opened…

…then I feel something cool against my anus. A gentle push and it’s in there, cold and probing. Alex opens me up and starts to thrust once more. My pussy is ready, I’m ready. Lolly, you dirty fucker you made her come. I feel a buzz inside my ass, subtle but nice. Then the it intensifies as Alex’s cock thrusts in to me.

The buzz is now humming in my rectum, it feels good. I’m full but not too full, it’s pleasurable tingling. I’m being DP’d and I love it! The feel of hardcock in my pussy and soft vibrating probe in my ass is taking me over the edge.

I start to buck back against both the vibe and Alex, wanting both to enter me deeper, harder. Fuck me, fuck me! My pussy starts to tingle and my body is enraptured by another orgasm. I can feel Alex swelling within me, he starts to fuck harder and hits my cervix.

My ponytail sways as he continues to grind in to me.

“Ooohhhh, fuck”, I feel his cock twitch in me as he ejaculates inside my pussy. With a last moan he throws his body over my back and collapses. I fall onto my pillow unable to sustain his weight and we both lay momentarily catching our breath.

The vibe is still buzzing inside me and I ask him to turn it off. He does as we both lay on our side spooning as the grip of our release subsides. Alex removed the vibe as we melted together in the afterglow.

My ass never felt so good! 😉