Shaved In The Shower

By | August 11, 2008

For years now I’ve had my pubic hair shaved. Suze carefully takes a razor to my groin every week and leaves me smooth and hairless. It’s something that to me is completely normal. In fact I’d feel odd if I had any pubic hair now …

So when I go swimming and shower I’m the odd one out. Maybe it’s because I look at so much porn that I have a different view of pubes on men, but in the showers every other guy has pubes.

I get the occasional odd look too. My fellow swimmers seem surprised that I don’t support groinal fuzz. That doesn’t bother me, maybe it should. I mean what’s going through their minds? Hehehe.

No, it definitely doesn’t bother me. Some men have their ears pierced, I don’t. Some have tattoos, I don’t. I have a hairless groin and I love it.