Tuesday Overwhelmed By Sex Toys And A Dinner Date With A Strap-On

By | September 16, 2011

Sex Toy DisplaysOn Tuesday the business part of our trip to Amsterdam kicked in as a car arrived outside our apartment promptly at 9.30am to take us to one of, if not the biggest adult toy suppliers in Europe.

And when we got there I was so glad that the taxi was gratis, courtesy of Scala because the trip took us 30 minutes and delivered us to the largest warehouse complex I have ever seen.  It was a really impressive, professional outfit.

As we passed from reception the interior of the warehouse metamorphosed in to a beautifully fitted concession store, with separate display areas devoted to each of their suppliers.  The showroom was airy, clean and bright and products well displayed for selection a world away from the dimly light warehouses I’ve been in.

Alex and I were like kids in a sweetshop not knowing which direction to turn next.  Lol  We were greeted by our contact who lead us to a very nice, intimately light bar/restaurant at the rear of the showroom.  It was like we had slipped in to Narnia.

Following our meeting we were offered lunch and drinks before slipping back in to the vast showroom to select products of interest for future testing and reviewing.  Our list grew by the minute as I spotted more and more products I had been waiting to get my hands on.  😉

After metaphorically filling a shopping trolley with products we made our way to reception after saying our goodbyes and headed home buzzing.  What a great day of checking out new products and being able to talk to some of the manufacturers who had attended.

When we got back home we kicked off our shoes after walking what seemed like miles around both the showroom and the vast warehouse attached to it.  Just enough time to relax before walking over to our new Dutch friends for dinner.

We had been invited over to eat with Joke from Mister B and her partner Stefanie Blomberg and of course their two kitties, mustn’t forget them.

I’ve met Joke on several occasions through business but never had the tine to speak to her and get to know her so I knew it was going to be a good evening.  Additionally I had never met Stefanie and was excited to get to know them both better.

It was amazing how quickly I warmed to them both, they are lovely, warm and welcoming and I hope to remain friends for many years to come.  We chatted away like we had known each other for years and the food was delicious, if Joke ever wants to swap.  😉

I got to hold the famous Findus and a brief glimpse of Spike as he ran quickly around the living area trying to avoid being seen.  Lol  Findus seemed to take a liking to me and laid on my lap whilst I ate my dessert.  They wouldn’t let me take him home.  Lol

But I did get to take something home…a very nice pink satin harness given to me by someone who will remain nameless.  lol

We all had a brilliant evening and then it came time to leave and the skies opened, rain was bouncing off the street.  And from that day on we saw quite a lot of rain that’s why I now possess an Amsterdam umbrella.