I Want To Be A Madam When I Grow Up

By | August 12, 2008

Mistress Cherry LipsI’m currently reading Concetina by Susan Winemaker and enjoying every page of it, she has a talent for writing. The book is about how she came over to England from Canada to work as a chef and ended up becoming a dominatrix.

She writes in the present whilst servicing a client but reflects back on how it all began and how she learned her skills. I’m finding the book intriguing and interesting despite some of the actual acts carried out, although not described in great detail, are not quite to my taste.

Susan doesn’t write for shock value, more to examine and evaluate the art of BDSM and herself. As the book progresses you grow with her, your level of understanding and acceptance expanded. This book is an education and introspection all in one.

I sit and read at lunchtimes in my car and escape the daily rat race as I drift in to the world of kink and self indulgence. I’m starting to wonder if I made the wrong career choice. 😉

When I got back to the office on Friday Busty asked which autobiography I was reading now. She knows I like reading them. For a moment I hesitated and then told her I was reading a book about the life and loves of a dominatrix. She smiled at me and said “Oh, that sounds interesting” and then perched on the corner of my desk so that I could tell her about it.

All the time I’m explaining what has taken place, I’m thinking would she like to be my sub…

Whilst hunting for a suitable image for you I found this site www.mistress-cherrylips.co.uk and the lovely lady above, how I would love to pay her a visit. 😉

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