Public Anal Action

By | September 17, 2011

PeggingEver fantasised about anal sex, ever fantasised about public sex,ever fantasised about public anal sex?

“Mark felt Liz lean forward and reach round to grab his cock. The change in angle pressed the dildo inside him hard onto his prostate and made him shriek with the intensity of the sensation. She stroked him gently pausing her fucking of his ass with the dildo deep inside him until he was fully hard. She knew how handsome his cock looked when erect and imagined the women in the audience studying it with lustful envy. The thought excited her to a new level and she squeezed her pussy lips together and ground her clit against the inside of the harness while images of the assembled females rubbing themselves off to the sight of Mark’s penis filled her head.”

The first two parts of this story are here and here. The rest follows soon.